'Twins' Sequel Casts Eddie Murphy as Third Brother, and This Is Not a Joke

March 30, 2012


In what must be the cruelest, most ill-conceived repackaging of Twins since the film was sold with Kindergarten Cop instead of Junior, Universal and Montecito Picture Co. are developing a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito comedy that would see Eddie Murphy playing a long-lost, even-unlikelier third brother. This is real. (Or if it's not, I am going to be seriously disappointed.)

Logically, the film is to be called Triplets--a daring move considering it omits the valuable "Twins" franchise name that causes such excitement upon mention--and in an similarly logical extension of the 1988 original's plot, it will see Julius and Vincent Benedict discovering that, lo and behold, they have another brother, and he is black, and he is A Thousand Words star Eddie Murphy.

According to THR, all three principles are already attached, though beyond that, "no substantial creative discussions have taken place between Universal and Montecito." Conceived in a lab from the profitable discharges of Terminator and The Lorax, and featuring Eddie Murphy as both sperm and egg donor, the idea for this sequel is a still-nascent concept that has no clear father. No writer is yet attached, and Twins director Ivan Reitman "would only act as a producer." Even after My Super Ex-Girlfriend, the guy has some standards.

Sadly, the obvious next choice for director, Brett Ratner, already has his greasy palms wrapped around a different belated sequel to a 1988 comedy, so it sounds to me like this could be a job for Norbit/A Thousand Words/Meet Dave director Brian Robbins. I only hope he has the restraint to wait for the after-the-credits stinger to reveal quadruplet Ken Jeong.

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