Uwe Boll Will Bring His Usual Angry Clarity to the Wall Street Crisis

March 21, 2012


Uwe Boll has already addressed the atrocities of the Holocaust with both subtle drama and morbid obesity. Now the Postal director is ready to move on to the modern crimes of the financial sector with The Bailout, a new film that will personify the ramifications of the Wall Street meltdown by showing one guy shooting some other guys.

Set to start shooting in Vancouver next month, The Bailout centers on a man named Jim, described as "an average New Yorker who loses everything because of the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis." Due to Jim's obvious frustration--and due to this being an Uwe Boll film--Jim goes on a shooting spree, assassinating those investment bankers that wronged him. After all, this is Uwe Boll, the director who notoriously followed through on offers to literally fight any critics willing to let the director of the Alone in the Dark series punch them in the mouth. Violent revenge fantasy fulfillment is the only way he knows how to deal with a problem (unless that problem is BloodRayne, in which case his solution is continuing to make at least a couple more problems).

But while his approach to the topic is expected, the fact that he's decided to approach it at all is a bit surprising considering Boll's own, self-admitted guilt at himself gaming the German financial system for his own gain. As I understand it, Boll long worked his country's tax shelters to continue funding his reviled films risk-free, despite many of them failing to turn a profit. Isn't this sort of the pot calling the kettle Blackwoods, starring Patrick Muldoon and Clint Howard, dir. Uwe Boll? Still, at least it is not another video game adaptation or tone-deaf Holocaust dramatization, and for that we should be happy. Or go ahead and be pissed about it, and watch Uwe Boll punch you in the mouth.

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