Warner Bros. Probably Making 'Arthur & Lancelot' with Colin Farrell Now

March 14, 2012


Warner Bros.' Arthur & Lancelot, taken off the studio's calendar in January and perceived as dead enough that the studio felt the need to insist "it's not dead," is showing life again, and now has Colin Farrell furrowing and squinting at a lead role.

According to Deadline, Farrell is in talks to play Lancelot, taking over the part from The Killing's Joel Kinnaman, who left the delayed project once someone told him he could be playing a way cooler armored hero. Strangely, the original delays that caused the film to lose stars Kinnaman and Kit Harington (who was meant to play Arthur) were due to budgetary concerns, which you'd think would only be exacerbated by the addition of a bigger name star like Farrell. But the studio no longer appears concerned about the cost of the film, as evidenced by the fact that they're also trying to sign Gary Oldman on to this. Oldman was previously approached to play Merlin in the film and turned it down, not wanting to pigeonhole himself as a really awesome wizard, but now Warner is reportedly going to try to sway him with the promise of getting a meet-and-greet with the star of Phone Booth. What do you say, Gary?

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