Watch David Lynch's 1991 Anti-Litter PSA

March 14, 2012


In 1991, David Lynch tried to help with New York City's consistent litter problem by creating a public service announcement to remind New Yorkers that litter leads to rats, and rats obviously lead to dissonant sounds and haunting black and white imagery. As continually filthy city streets and increasing rat braggadocio has shown, the video did not really have a lasting effect, but still the PSA remains an intriguing artifact of Lynch's commercial work from before he was selling coffee with psychosexual nightmares. Take a look below. Don't litter.

I'm surprised he didn't just show how increasing piles of garbage make it difficult for dwarves to perform disconcerting dances. That would've got people thinking/screaming before they so cavalierly tossed away their blank, crumpled tissue paper.

David Lynch's PSA For NYC's Rat Problem, Circa 1991 [Gothamist] (Thanks, Sarah!)

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