Weekend Box Office: Lorax Tops John Carter, Silent Eddie Murphy

March 12, 2012


Your weekend box office:

1. The Lorax - $39.1 million. For the second week straight, the Lorax cruises past his competition, in his Mazda SUV with Skyactiv® technology.

2. John Carter - $30.6 million. To put that in perspective, John Carter needs over 8 times that amount to start making a profit. John Carter would very much appreciate it if no new movies come out for the next couple months, okay?

3. Project X - $11.6 million. Worldwide, this Project X has already made twice what the 1987 Project X made in its entire run. Society now places more value on seeing some kids partying than on seeing Matthew Broderick and some chimps in a flight simulator. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

4. Silent House - $7.01 million, making this film history's second most successful piece of Olsen-led, house-based entertainment.

5. Act of Valor - $7 million--just enough to top A Thousand Words, one of the worst films ever made. Well done.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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