Wes Anderson Made a Satisfactorily Wes Anderson-y Smartphone Ad

March 22, 2012


What a busy little twee Wes Anderson has been lately. Though he hasn't premiered a new film since 2009, he soon will with Moonrise Kingdom in May, and last month an ad he directed for Hyundai made the Oscars telecast slightly more bearable/symmetrical. And now, since he's got to pay for all them scarves somehow, Anderson has done some more expected-but-charming work-for-hire, directing a minute-long spot for Sony's Xperia phones.

Working with the team behind Coraline and the upcoming ParaNorman, Anderson did stop-motion-animated a child's imaginative idea of how Sony's new smartphones work. As you might expect, it looks a lot like The Fantastic Mr. Fox, if that movie had wisely chosen to add robots in jetpacks.

Futura Bold... scenes playing out in static, head-on shots... camera moving across an activity-filled cross-section of a highly-partitioned space... an excess of undeniable charm over underlying wistfulness... Yeah, this is satisfactorily Wes Anderson-y. Great work, as usual, Wes. Now I'd love to see what you'd do with a Drunk History. Bill Murray doing his FDR shirtless, obviously, but I need to see it for myself.

And here's a brief making-of. Judging by the lack of earth-toned dress clothes, I would guess Anderson once again literally (video)phoned it in.

And yet we still must forever wonder what went into Darren Aronofsky's Kohl's commercial.


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