YOU DON'T SAY: 'Battleship' Movie Certainly Not Based on 'Battleship', Says Director

March 23, 2012


We will have to find a new bard to tell future generations the true tradition of our boat-based guessing games. Director Peter Berg has revealed that his Battleship adaptation--you know, the one with a bunch of armored aliens shooting glowing balls at skyscrapers?--does not actually have all that much grounding in Battleship the game. It does include an "ordinance" that sort of looks like pegs, though, so...

Answering questions at WonderCon, Berg told THR:

"[Battleship] certainly doesn't have any direct correlation to the game. That being said, it was a lot of fun to try to find way to reference the game. If you look at the ordinance that the enemies use, it looks a bit like pegs. Both of our ships' radar systems have trouble seeing each other, so they gotta try and predict where the enemy is so that they can go after them. And there were some other things that were kind of fun. They were certainly never mandated, but anybody that's of a certain age that knows the game will look at it and probably kind of smile to themselves. I guess they could say, "This is preposterous!" and storm out of the theater. I don't think they will, but hopefully they'll say its kind of a clever reference to the game."

No, Peter Berg, of course no one will think it is preposterous that you put Rihanna in what looks like a Transformers-endorsed recruitment ad. I guess they could, but more likely audiences will see that the enemies have something that looks a bit like pegs, and they will say, "That's kind of clever, how those things look a bit like pegs. You know, how the game had pegs? Really makes you think." You had me worried for a minute that you might have just shoved a bunch of ludicrous bullshit into the Battleship box, but now that I know there's this peg reference, it all seems a bit clever.

I can't wait to see what kind of similarly-clever twists await us in Adam Sandler's Candyland.

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