ABC Movie Monsters: Learn Your Alphabet, Learn That I Guess E.T. Is a Monster

April 11, 2012


You know movie monsters? You know the English alphabet? Well, here are both of those things in a video in which letters are stylized to represent famous monsters. Granted, the term "monster" is used pretty liberally here. "D" stands for "Dexter," and you're like, "Alright, fair enough, so we're going by the 'anyone committing monstrosities' definition of 'monster.'" But then "E" stands for "E.T.", and it's like, "Hold on, guys, E.T. is not a monster. E.T. is an alien, and he is our friend. He just wants to go home! YOU'RE KILLING HIM." But if you're willing to accept that the alphabetical world of movie monsters is an imperfect system, in which friendly aliens are ranked alongside serial killers and sith lords and raptors (did Jeff Goldblum not make clear that WE were the monsters for resurrecting them, packaging them up, slapping them on a plastic lunchbox and selling them?), look below for some ABC movie monsters.

(via, thanks to Sta)

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