'Battleship' Clip in Which Brooklyn Decker Orders Burrito, Dudes Wax Earnestly About Birthday Wishes

April 18, 2012


Battleship promos have so far focused mostly on showing off how many Transformers are in the film (there are several!), so here's a clip to highlight the film's personal, human side that will later be facing the CGI, alien side.

In the scene, the pleasingly-shaped Brooklyn Decker asks a bartender for a burrito, and the bartender denies her this request. (Such relatable details! We've all felt disparity between burrito supply and demand!) John Carter sees and hears this interaction and is attracted how Decker is attractive but also enjoys burritos--just like him! John Carter then considers using his birthday wish to attain his lust object, because John Carter has a birthday cake in front of him, and he takes birthday wishes really seriously. Carter's friend from True Blood is none too happy with this plan: he would rather that wish were used for something more constructive, because this guy also takes birthday wishes super seriously and will seriously not shut up about them. That is the scene that's been selected to make everyone want to see Battleship.

Man, that is just like me and my friends. We'll bring a small cake to a bar and sit around for hours talking about birthday wishes. Sometimes there will be a game on, and we'll beg each other not to affect the outcome of the game through birthday wish, but you're never certain if the birthday boy did or not, because they can't say their birthday wish aloud or it doesn't come true. Then we go back to a boat and fight aliens.

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