'Cage Does Cage': Nicolas Cage Performs John Cage's 4'33"

April 17, 2012


In the below video, aptly titled Cage Does Cage, Nicolas Cage "performs" experimental composer John Cage's 4'33", a piece famously made up of four-and-a-half minutes of ambient noise. Just as some disregard the original, note-less composition as nothing more than a gimmick, you may think this video is nothing more than a joke about a coincidental name commonality. Or, recognizing the profound juxtaposition between silence and Nicolas Cage--who you figure must be about to shout something about bees or something--you may recognize this as a hugely important piece of art that should be in a museum, alongside the Declaration of Independence that Nicolas Cage thankfully returned. That is the correct viewpoint.

And in case that was too heavy for you, here's a relaxing drink.


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