De Niro Joins Michael Douglas in Being Horny Old Guy in Las Vegas

April 18, 2012


Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas are pooling their comedic talents, and--despite public hunger for the "what if?" scenario--it is not for a Fockers/The In-Laws crossover event.

The two have reportedly signed on for Last Vegas, with Douglas confirming his involvement yesterday and De Niro joining today, now that he knows there will be someone his age to talk to.

Written by Dan Fogelman (Cars; Bolt; Crazy, Stupid, Love.), the long-developing comedy has frequently been mentioned in the same breath as The Hangover and Grumpy Old Men, because it's about old guys fighting over women, and also they're in Las Vegas. A couple years ago, Jack Nicholson was in talks to play one of the four leads, but according to Douglas, now the other two parts are meant for Dustin Hoffman and Christopher Walken.

That would be great--as we could then assume De Niro's life from Deer Hunter, to Fockers, to this to be a single tragedy--but the casting reports caution that Douglas may have his facts wrong. Though you'd think Hoffman would have some free time now that HBO shut down their amateur slaughterhouse, apparently scheduling problems are likely to keep him out of the film. Walken too is an uncertainty for the same reason, but talks are still ongoing to try to work it out. CBS Films really wants everyone to know how hard they tried to avoid going straight to Morgan Freeman and Al Pacino with this shit.

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