Everything You Need To Know About 'Taken 2' in One Sentence

April 27, 2012


At CinemaCon this week, Fox debuted some footage from their sequel to the film that suddenly made Liam Neeson an icon of murdering dudes, Taken. As you probably recall, the first film involved some guys kidnapping (takening?) Neeson's daughter and refusing to give her back, forcing the star of Schindler's List to COME FOR THEM, and then fight those guys. With that in mind, it seems the sequel will be exactly the only thing it ever would or could be.

As described by ComingSoon:

The title card says, "They're Coming For Him" and then we see lots of snippets of Liam fighting the guys coming after him.

Yup, makes sense. I don't think we need a trailer any more. Presuming Liam Neeson will again be using a very particular set of skills, I'm pretty sure that sentence says everything we need to know about Taken 2. And it is correct.

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