Exclamatory 'Mother Goose!' Movie Will Be Broadly Appealing Blockbuster with Tons of Non-Specific Stars, Claims 'Mother Goose!' Press Release

April 11, 2012


No, Meryl Streep has not been cast in the title role of Mother Goose!, but she should be so lucky. According to the press release, Hannover House's Mother Goose! is probably going to be just about the best movie ever shouted!

Will Mother Goose! have stars, you ask? Will it ever! It will have all the best stars, whose names will not be mentioned at this time. Per the official announcement:

The film is expected to feature a major star in the title role of Mother Goose, along with several A-list celebrities in cameo roles as famous characters from children's folklore.

While the film's title would seem to imply a focus on, I don't know, Mother Goose, Mother Goose!'s script does not go for anything so painfully obvious. Instead, it focuses on Jack and Jill, young siblings who are magically transported to a fantasy world "full of amusing characters and absurd situations" sure to amuse and absurd us. If that sounds like a film with broad, commercial appeal, know that this was not by accident. The script was written specifically to be broadly appealing, which it is! It is also a lot like Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, and it is already an instant classic. Just ask Hannover CEO Eric Parkinson:

The film contains story elements of "Alice in Wonderland" as well as "The Wizard of Oz" and is written to appeal to a broad, commercial audience.

"We're very excited to have acquired this property," said Eric Parkinson, CEO of Hannover House. "[Writer Michael] Snyder has crafted an enchanting story that reads like an instant classic. He has also simplified our production process by initiating discussions with major stars and co-production partners. We're confident that the film can commence principal photography this fall, and be ready for a summer, 2013 theatrical launch."

Sound too good to be true? IT ISN'T. It's real, and it's all possible thanks to Arkansas tax incentives and a Polish company whose name shall not be disclosed just yet. Don't worry about it. They're Polish, okay? That's all you need to know right now.

Hannover House plans to assemble the production financing for "Mother Goose!" through a combination of international pre-sales, tax incentives from the State of Arkansas, and a co-production partnership with a Polish production company to be announced later.

Hannover House president Fred Shefte goes on to explain that the film will be "a major, tent-pole level picture," the first step in elevating his company above its current lot of dutifully maintaining a "regimented, monthly release slate of primarily direct-to-video level titles" like Dances with Werewolves and Teen Yoga. Naturally, "the film is expected to attract a major director," because what director isn't going to want to work with a non-specific major star, several undetermined A-listers, and a Polish company to be announced later? In fact, looking over that description, I can't help but think this sounds like exactly the kind of project that would be perfect for Undisclosed Popular Director Who Has Many Films You Definitely Liked.

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