'Fantastic Fear of Everything' Trailer: Simon Pegg Is Terrified of Laundromats, Everything Else

April 9, 2012


A cerebral, British, high-concept dark comedy about an addled writer played by Simon Pegg? Yeahhhhh, that sounds like something I would probably get pretty excited about. But does it have any creepy-yet-quirky stylized sequences, maybe with some charming stop-motion elements? Any hints of a profound conclusion? Oh, it has all those things? Well, then. Let's get on with the trailer.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything was written and directed by Crispian Mills--the lead singer of Kula Shaker, if you remember them. Remember Kula Shaker? Their CD is still under the passenger seat of the '93 Tempo you drove in high school. The film was also co-directed by music video director Chris Hopewell, so that explains why it seems to break into sequences that sort of look like a music video. It has a June release date set for the UK, but nothing yet for the U.S. Please change that, distributors.

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