Full 'Cosmopolis' Trailer: David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson Go on a Disorienting Limo Ride

April 19, 2012


A full trailer for Cosmopolis is here, and it would seem to confirm what the first teaser trailer only strongly hinted at: that David Cronenberg, finally free of Viggo Mortensen's stifling grasp, has returned to form as a near-hyperbolic version of himself. After tossing Twilight's Robert Pattinson in the back of his limo, Cronenberg appears to have corrected his course--if not over-corrected, veering into Terry Gilliam's surreal lane--bringing back the kind of jarring themes and intense visuals he used to puke out as easy as a fly man expels his gross digestive fluids. Share in Cronenberg's newfound wealth of wide-angle closeups with the trailer below.

I'm a little surprised Robert Pattinson is the guy at the center of this, but hey, if Cronenberg wants to go the Scorsese route, projecting his renewed creativity across the broad forehead of a teen idol, sure. Whatever works, man.


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