Full 'Total Recall' Trailer Reveals More Guns, Colin Farrell's College Girl Tattoo

April 2, 2012


As promised last week by a preview for a preview, here's the full-length trailer for Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake.

This time Colin Farrell is in the lead role, playing a man whose dissatisfaction with his life leads him to harass people at bars, asking fellow drunks if they too feel the overwhelming malaise of existence, as if they need that. Screw you, Farrell. Everyone here is just trying to unwind after a long day of futurework, okay? Well, Farell's ennui eventually pushes him to visit a place called Recall, where a Robert Patrick-esque John Cho offers to implant exciting spy memories that will spice up our hero's bored life of being Kate Beckinsale's shirtless husband. As you know if you've seen the original film, and as you'll sort of pick up on in this trailer, the procedure leads to Farrell becoming a highly-trained agent capable of all kinds of ridiculous action set pieces--now with more Stormtroopers and slow-motion, mid-air gunfire! But as Farrell's carefully-constructed life begins to unravel, and as he drives more flying cars around with Jessica Biel, events soon call into question whether or not these seemingly-implanted memories are so false after all. And if they are real, can they answer why Colin Farrell has an ornate peace sign tattooed in his inner arm? His memory tells him all his sorority sisters were doing it too, but that doesn't seem right.

Oh, hey, Bryan Cranston.

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