'Game of Thrones' Was Renewed, Nerds

April 10, 2012


More Dinklage! More scenes about how good a sword is! More people having good times with whores! More brutal scenes that end in laughter! More furrowed brows! More ravens sent like emails! All because HBO has renewed Game of Thrones for a third season.

Not that the news is surprising. Last week's premiere of Game of Thrones second season set ratings records for the premium cable network, jumping in viewers over a quarter from the finale of last season. This weeks second episode proved those numbers were no fluke, nearly maintaining that viewership with a drop of only 3%. This beyond the fact that critics and awards committees love the show--which, thankfully, is often all the recognition HBO needs to continue production on its series anyway. That or screeching demand for a Sex and the City movie.

Like the first and current seasons, the third is expected to consist of a ten-episode arc, but will not attempt to condense the entirety of a book in a single season. Instead, co-creator D.B. Weiss has made clear they will spread author George R.R. Martin's A Storm of Swords out into an additional, fourth season that HBO has not yet approved. They probably will, though. Unless Game of Thrones production starts murdering a bunch of horses, of course. So, please, if you want to see additional seasons of the hit series, keep watching, and urge the production to not start suddenly, brutally murdering all of their horses.

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