'Hope Springs' Trailer: Meryl Streep Almost Blows a Banana

April 26, 2012


A FOLLOW-UP TO THE UNFORGETTABLE 1998 ROMANCE BETWEEN SANDRA BULLOCK AND HARRY CONNICK JR.??? God, if only. No, I'm sorry, Hope Springs is not a sequel to Hope Floats. Hope Springs is a lighthearted comedy about Meryl Streep being in a boring, sexless marriage with a husband who won't let up with his over-the-top, curmudgeonly Tommy Lee Jones impression; the lack of post-menopausal coitus leads Streep to push T.L. Jones into couples therapy with Steve Carell, who puts on his non-psychotic-manchild face to play an affable psychiatrist encouraging the senescent couple to have some old-person sex. If you are my mom, you will probably be eagerly queuing this up for after you finally get around to watching Last Chance Harvey. If you are not my mom or a comparable model, you will at most be impressed by how many distant, wistful smiles Meryl Streep is able to scrounge up. She really brings something new to the role of Diane Keaton's Part.

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