If You Only Fund One Street Dancing Movie, Please Make It This, Not 'Step Up Revolution'

April 9, 2012


Flex Is Kings is an in-progress independent documentary that focuses on the culture of "flexing," a style of dancing directors Deidre Schoo and Michael Nichols describe as "a unique and vibrant dance form in deep Brooklyn [that] channels the grittiness of East New York into choreographed violence." Unfortunately, the film is currently in limbo awaiting funding, which the filmmakers hope you will provide them via their Kickstarter. There's a trailer pitching the film below, so have a look, and if you're feeling generous, maybe toss a few dollars their way. THERE ARE INCENTIVES. Also, there is video of a dance that ends with the reveal THE GUY HAD A BIRD IN HIS MOUTH THE WHOLE TIME. Even if you think you don't like dance, shut up, because that was an actual bird in that dude's mouth, and now it is flying away, from his mouth.

(Thanks, Sayo)

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