Jessica Chastain, Andy Lau May Join 'Iron Man 3' as Sexy and/or Chinese Scientists

April 24, 2012


Tree of Life's Jessica Chastain and Chinese icon Andy Lau are in talks to join Shane Black's Iron Man 3, lending that film more scientists of the sexy and/or Chinese variety.

According to Deadline, Chastain has recently cleared out her schedule and is back in the running to join the superhero sequel as "a sexy scientist every bit as smart as Tony Stark." Though Chastain's combination of sexiness and science will surely offer the actress many opportunities to glance seductively over a pair of glasses, her shapely legs departing at a wide angle from beneath her lab coat, the part will reportedly be but a supporting role, as THR claims the female lead belongs to Gwyneth Paltrow, who has "a beefed-up presence in the new movie." This may be the film when Pepper Potts finally gets her Mark VI endearing gaze!

Meanwhile, to satisfy the will of Chinese investors, the film will also reportedly have a Chinese character that will not be an evil, ring-wearing caricature for Iron Man to kill. Twitch reports actor-singer Andy Lau, who you would assumedly know if you were from China, is also in talks to play a helpful, non-evil scientist, albeit one less explicitly identified as being sexy. It's up to you if you whether or not you want to be turned on by him.

If negotiations work out, Chastain and Lau would join other recent Iron Man 3 hires Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley, both of whom are reportedly also playing some kind of scientists. Apparently no one at Marvel is concerned that their movie posters are going to look like community college chemistry course brochures.

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