Lars von Trier's 'Donald Duck' Movie Has Arrived

April 19, 2012


Lars von Trier and Donald Duck: They're both often difficult to fully understand. They've both feigned Nazism for laughs. So, really, it only makes sense for von Trier to be the one directing the inevitable live-action take on Disney's quick-tempered, anthropomorphic duck sailor.

Unfortunately, Lars von Trier won't do that, because Donald Duck is a cartoon duck, not a woman that can be visibly tortured in one way or another. But as an experiment of what it might be like if von Trier did do such a thing, Icelandic comedy troupe Mid-Island has put together this trailer for a Donald Duck via Dogme 95, transposing Duckburg's citizens into the bleak, grey streets of Denmark. It doesn't quite follow von Trier's strict guidelines for Dogme 95 filmmaking--no gunfights, guys--but it should still give you a pretty good idea of why we haven't let any avante garde Danish filmmakers handle any Squeakquels.

Life is truly harrowing i-in Duck-burg.


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