Liam Neeson Will Kill Some Guys on a Plane This Time

April 4, 2012


Last time Liam Neeson was sneering on a plane, he waited until it he hit the ground before going into killing mode, but he won't make that mistake twice. Next time, the wrath of Neeson shall be exacted in the sky, aboard an international flight, where the in-flight meal is most likely offered in a one-liner about Liam Neeson feeding terrorists a fist or a gun or something.

The Irish star is in negotiations with Dark Castle Entertainment to play the lead in Non-Stop, a thriller so titled because it occurs on a non-stop flight, and because THIS SUMMER, THE ACTION IS NON-STOP. As you probably could have guessed, the film once again sees Neeson playing the same kind of generic badass he's been intermittently playing since Taken established him as a talent at growling threats. This specific badass is "a worn-out air marshal"--exhausted, no doubt, by both the red-eye flight and gettin' too old for this shit--who faces an as-yet unrevealed threat that is obviously terrorists.

Never Back Down's Jeff Wadlow is attached to direct the film, which seems to loosely fit within the same bizarre genre resurgence as Gerard Butler's White House thriller Olympus Has Fallen and Roland Emmerich's White House Down. Why is everyone suddenly intent on reinventing the "'90s action-thriller that involves some combination of terrorists, federal marshals, airplanes, and/or the President of the United States, and which is on basic cable twice this weekend"? And why are we still not allowing Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford, and Wesley Snipes into their own clubhouse?

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