Lionsgate Gets Jennifer Lawrence in Something Else ASAP

April 23, 2012


Lionsgate's The Hunger Games has been doing so well with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead, the studio is going to try giving the actress a new starring part that involves less dystopian murdersport.

Deadline reports Lawrence will star in an adaptation of The Glass Castle, the bestselling 2005 memoir from gossip columnist Jeanette Walls. The book focuses on Walls's oft-nomadic childhood with neglectful parents who eventually settled in a West Virginian mining town, which should let Lawrence once again channel the rural impoverishment that led to her getting an Oscar nod for Winter's Bone. Lionsgate clearly hopes it will also allow them to channel the "putting Jennifer Lawrence in a popular book" idea that is currently making them a ton of money, but more so they're probably trying to keep relations strong with their big star. Katniss wants to be in a respectable memoir adaptation? Yeah, sure. Whatever it takes to keep her showing up in front of our nation's many Kohl's anchor stores.

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