'Looper' Trailer Trailer: Get Excited for Seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Bruce Willis Impression

April 9, 2012


Yeah, so, it's another one of those: a trailer for a trailer, this time for Brick director Rian Johnson's sci-fi actioner, Looper. But in this case, there may actually be some utility to having a preview of a preview, as stupid as it sounds to even say that. Introduced by Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this trailer teaser gives the director and star a chance to lay out their absurdly high-concept premise, and gives us a few days to swallow the hefty pill down before getting the first trailer. Their premise? "What would you do if you had to hunt down and kill your future self!? Also, what if your future self was Bruce Willis?" It's right on that line between "really cool idea" and "the stupidest thing I ever said stoned." But with Johnson directing, and with Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis both contributing their best Bruce Willis impressions, I'm hopeful and relatively confident it will end up on the "really cool" side. Judge for yourself with the first footage below.

Wow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt really does look like a young Bruce Willis (as sculpted from wax for a Discovery Channel special about a primitive race of Willises that once thrived in the southwestern United States). Or maybe Kirk Cameron.

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