'Madea's Witness Protection' Teaser: This Time Madea Gets Wasted on a Plane

April 18, 2012


"Ha-ha-HA! Look at me, baby! Madea's witness protection! Y'all ain't ready, honey! You ain't ready, dammit!" Adding one final flourish of maniacal laughter, so Madea introduces apparently-unprepared audiences to the fact that--exonerated of the prior crimes that incarcerated her, hallelujer--she is now in the business of witness protection. And the first client to be smuggled into hiding beneath Madea's latex girth? American Pie torchbearer Eugene Levy, who here plays a Bernie Madoff type keeping a low profile by pretending to be a caricature of a French immigrant living with the largest, loudest, most attention-getting grandmother the government could find. Why not?

In this first trailer for the film, Madea drinks all the liquor a stewardess will provide her, while Eugene Levy makes his eyes as wide as possible and occasionally nods. Meanwhile, in the background, the worst extra keeps ruining the scene by laughing at Madea's alcoholism, while a True Background Artist, who clearly has a good sense of his minor-but-entitled character, throws derisive sneers and condescending head nods at the enormous, ambiguously-aged drunkard interrupting his first class experience.

Polo Shirt In-Flight Magazine, you have so much to learn from Earbuds Asshole.

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