'Moonrise Kingdom' Character Files: Collect Them All (Just Click Them All, Really)

April 18, 2012


So long as Will Smith remains more popular than consistently deliberate aesthetic choices, and Françoise Hardy less listened-to than any theme bearing the Pitbull name, Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom has little hope of competing against fellow May 25 release Men in Black III. But at least Focus is doing their best to raise awareness to those who would prefer Bill Murray's deadpanning to Josh Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones lounge act. The studio has released a batch of "character files," some Flash-based posters they've dispersed across a variety of sites: Yahoo, Moviefone, EW, Fandango, IGN, MTV, and Rushmore Academy.

Unlike the usual "motion posters," these are not super-obnoxious animations looping eight seconds of audio. They're basically normal character posters, but when you click on them, you get (written) quotes like, "On this spot, I will fight no more forever," or something that mentions "Sunday-school shoes," which seem to be a running gag. That seems about right.

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