Neil deGrasse Tyson Got James Cameron To Fix Ever-Distracting 'Titanic' Starfield

April 3, 2012


If you venture out to see Titanic's 3D re-release this month, make sure to pay special attention to the 3D stars shining in the night sky like Billy Zane's eyes beaming from behind his eyeliner: Neil deGrasse Tyson went through a lot of trouble to make sure director James Cameron made those stars as scientifically accurate as DiCaprio's drawing of a boob.

As the revered astrophysicist explains in the six-minute story below, he has long been denied the immersive experience of historical boat romance due to what he considers to be distracting astronomic inaccuracies in the skies overlooking all those frozen corpses. While the rest of the world was thinking, "This is the greatest goddamn boat romance in the history of ever, have a billion dollars," he was thinking, "Hey, that is the wrong sky for DiCaprio to die under at this time and location," and he wrote a letter to James Cameron to say as much. Cameron claims he didn't see that letter--understandably, he likely gets quite a few letters with idea for how to fix Titanic, and most of those letters are probably about additional tits/Terminators--but, undeterred, Tyson continued to nag at Cameron in peson, at all their fancy NASA/Titanic events, until, finally, Cameron agreed to get a post-production guy to do whatever sky chart Tyson gives him. Science triumphed, and Tyson's heart can go on. He tells the story better himself, though, so watch it below.

Yet still Cameron denies Carl Sagan his dying wish that Ripley should have used that mechanical walker thing to tear the Alien queen right in half.


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