New 'Avengers' Clip Reiterates There Are Girls at This Comic Book Party

April 10, 2012


Avengers co-star Cobie Smulders appeared on The Late Show last night and brought with her a clip to show Dave what exactly an Avenger is. Embedded below, the clip focuses on Smulders' Maria Hill, who until now has been seen as only a silent deliverer of stern-but-sexy poses. The clip also focuses on techno-jargon, because Samuel L. Jackson NEEDS THE PHASE 2 PROTOTYPES TO BE SHIPPED OUT REGARDLESS OF IF THERE'S A SAFE DISTANCE FROM THE TESSERACT, and it's time you all knew that.

I wonder if that's her most consecutive seconds of screen time beyond "HILL shoots FURY a look from behind the Helicarrier control panel."

(Thanks, KidBraggart.)

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