New 'The Newsroom' Trailer: Jeff Daniels Surely Our Most Re-Impassioned Newsman

April 30, 2012


Here's the newest preview for HBO's upcoming The Newsroom, the Aaron Sorkin-created series in which anodyne news anchor Jeff Daniels has a public meltdown and reinvents himself as an impassioned Aaron Sorkin character. The first trailer highlighted the aforementioned meltdown, but with this second trailer, we get a little more of the titular newsroom's behind-the-scenes banter, and thanks to the always-amazing Sam Waterston, we also get the strangest ever delivery of the phrase "news organizations." It's like he has an orgasm halfway through but keeps going, because Waterston is a fucking pro who does not let spontaneous ejaculation ruin a take. You'd hardly know he was masturbating through most of his later seasons of Law & Order.

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