Pitbull's 'Men in Black 3' Theme Now Has a Music Video, if Anyone Gives #2

April 20, 2012


Pitbull's "Back in Time"--the sample-heavy, subtext-free Men in Black III theme in which Pitbull (and by extension, though his silence, Will Smith) boldly but tastefully declared he "don't give a number two"--now has a music video. It is not a very good music video, as it is mostly just an enthusiastic Pitbull dancing, sneering (is that smiling?), and sometimes howling to the sample he is very proud of picking out. But it does reveal some new footage from the new MiB film, if you're into that. It also reveals that Pitbull's accompanying gesture for "not giving a number two" is holding up two fingers, which is sort of a letdown. I'd always pictured Pitbull doing a finger-waggle with sort of a pouty squat.



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