'Prometheus' Has Really Cool Product Video for Michael Fassbender the Robot

April 17, 2012


Like the last viral video for Prometheus, this latest video focuses on Michael Fassbender's David, a "cybernetic individual" designed to nearly indistinguishable from mankind. This time, the viral runs like a full promotional video for the David product, freeing Fassbender from his dry cleaning bag womb so that he might answer some questions about his abilities. And according the footage, he has quite a few abilities: He can assist employees! He can play chess! He can carry out directives his human counterparts might find "...distressing, or unethical," which sure sounds like an ominous portent of what's to come in Prometheus... But, hey, forget that! David can also smell flowers! And he can think about angels, in case you want David to function as your smiling grandmother gazing out her front porch screen. Though he feels no emotion, David can also be brought to tears by thoughts of war and poverty. Listening to "Imagine" on headphones just fucking wrecks him, I bet.

Meet David yourself with the video below. Don't worry: yes, David can paint your little train set people for you.

Technological. Intellectual. Physical. Emotional. And only sexual when within the confines of his masturbation sack, which needs to be rinsed out once a week.


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