Robert Rodriguez Finally Making 'Sin City 2', Might Work with Mel Gibson

April 13, 2012


Over seven years after the release of the original Sin City, Robert Rodriguez is finally preparing to make another one. He also might give Mel Gibson something to do now that Warner Bros. has decided maybe Mel isn't the best guy to be making a movie about a Jewish hero.

Though production is scheduled to start this month on Machete Kills, it seems Rodriguez is still looking to fill some parts in his sequel, and is reportedly now "chasing" Mel Gibson (as well as Michelle Williams) to join the cast. Just as the first Machete provided Lindsay Lohan the chance for some crude commercial rehabilitation she could squander, the sequel will perhaps provide Gibson a chance to belligerently shout at an ethnic group in a controlled setting that makes it slightly less uncomfortable.

As for the Sin City sequel, it will be titled A Dame To Kill For, and casting begins next week. Much of the original cast is expected to return, and Rodriguez is once again teaming to direct with Sin City creator Frank Miller, who added, "Robert Rodriguez and I are going to shake things up and deliver a ferocious film experience that is going to go even further than the first." But hopefully not as far as The Spirit.

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