Roland Emmerich Directing 'White House Down,' Because Either He or Wolfgang Petersen Would Have To, Right?

April 3, 2012


Gerard Butler won't be the only awesome dude single-handedly saving the White House from a hostile takeover. Some other yet-to-be-determined awesome dude is also going to do that in a movie to be directed by Roland Emmerich.

The Independence Day director is in talks to helm the James Vanderbilt-scripted White House Down, a Die Hard-like action film about "a paramilitary takeover of the White House." Because apparently a paramilitary takeover is when the White House is classified as "down"? I'm not so sure that's right, but when I imagine a highly-decorated, militaristic Tommy Lee Jones sternly shouting "we got White House down," it sure feels right.

As alluded to at the beginning of this post, Gerard Butler and Millennium Films already have a similar project going under the title Olympus Has Fallen. It casts Butler as a former Secret Service member who just so happens to re-visit the White House on the day when terrorists attack, forcing the retired agent to save the president and everyone else, even though he's assumedly gettin' too old for that shit. It remains unclear why there's this sudden revival of this sort of '90s, terrorist-driven, political-action-thriller genre. But at least we'll have created a welcoming, familiar environment for when Wesley Snipes gets out of prison.

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