'Savages' Trailer: The Oliver Stone-Directed Sex/Drugs/Violence Movie, Not the Philip Seymour Hoffman One

April 5, 2012


In Oliver Stone's Savages, John Carter's Taylor Kitsch and Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson play a couple high-profile drug dealers just looking for a peaceful life of selling pot and having sex with Blake Lively--who, in the "hit it and pass it" spirit of the dealers' product, bounces between the two guys with all the looseness and carefree freedom of their aloha shirts. Lively also plays narrator of this tale, and in this first trailer for the film, she is quick to inform us that she might actually be dead, recording voice-over from the grave, so keep that in mind. This could be a spooky story told by a wrathful phantom of Green Lantern!

And what is this possible-ghost's story? Well, mostly that she gets kidnapped by Benicio del Toro. He's a henchman to Salma Hayek, head of a drug cartel that tried to get in business with John Carter and Kick-Ass but was rebuffed, leading her to abduct their timeshare Gossip Girl. Needless to say, our drug-dealing heroes are very displeased they have lost their mutual girlfriend who may or may not be a spectral raconteur. So, they put on their favorite Día de los Muertos commemorative masks and GO SAVAGE. "Savage" being when you blow shit up and shoot some guys, I guess.

Wow, flashing a surprising admission of scalp there, aren't you, Travolta? Are you goading Nicolas Cage for a Toup/Off or what?

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