Scorsese Wishes His Masterpieces Had Required Special 3D Glasses

April 26, 2012


Speaking to a CinemaCon crowd in Las Vegas yesterday, Martin Scorsese basically told a crowd that Taxi Driver would have been way more awesome if Travis Bickle's sleeve gun popped out AT THE AUDIENCE in thrilling 3D.

Seated alongside fellow director Ang Lee--whose first 3D film, Life of Pi, hits theaters in December--and fielding questions on their respective uses of three-dimensional technology, Scorsese gave just the answers one might expect from the harbinger of the holographic menace. Not only is Marty sold on the technology for the foreseeable future, he also mourns that he could not have used it sooner, telling the crowd that if 3D technology had been better at the time, he would have used it for such classics as Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. Because shooting Raging Bull in color would have been silly, but shooting it in 3D would have definitely made sense. In fact, looking back, said Scorsese, "I would have practically done all my films in 3D," which would be terrible. And that is why it is very important no one tells him that retroactively adding a third dimension to Leonardo Dicaprio isn't actually all that hard.

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