'Sin City 2' Will Have Rosario Dawson and Mickey Rourke, and Maybe Angelina Jolie

April 19, 2012


Recent commentary on cocksucking whores may end up costing Mel Gibson his rumored opportunity to work with Robert Rodriguez, but there will at least be another, less diatribe-prone damaged brain on the set of one of Rodriguez's films.

Speaking to MTV, Rodriguez confirmed that the variously-damaged head of Mickey Rourke will, as expected, be returning for A Dame To Kill For, the Sin City sequel the director confirmed last week. Rodriguez also assured everyone that Rosario Dawson also will be returning, "and she's pumped," as anyone would be if their last major release was Zookeeper.

As for the involvement of Angelina Jolie, who Rodriguez has long stated he'd like to play the film's titular, murder-worthy dame, the director played coy, saying only, "I haven't even gotten to meet with her yet about it or discuss with Frank about who we would want to go with or talk to first." But considering Jolie is one of the few non-porn-stars alive to bear the ridiculous features seen in Frank Miller's stylized illustrations, it's hard to imagine she wouldn't at least be approached. Though, by that logic, I guess it's also hard to imagine The Room's Tommy Wiseau wouldn't be approached, too?

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