Steve Jobs Will Be Played by Ashton Kutcher

April 2, 2012


Because thoughts of one legendary modern innovator inevitably turn to thoughts of the revered architect behind Punk'd, Ashton Kutcher has been signed to star as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a new biopic called Jobs.

To be directed by Swing Vote's Joshua Michael Stern from a screenplay by Matt Whiteley, the film is said to focus on Jobs' rise to corporate icon from his humble beginnings as a "wayward hippie," back when Jobs briefly had a beard sort of like Kutcher's (I'm assuming this is also the complete logic behind the casting decision).

It's worth mentioning, this is not the same film as the Sony-produced Jobs biopic announced last October. That project is being based around Walter Isaacson's bestselling Steve Jobs, while this one is being based around the shooting schedule of CBS's Two and a Half Men. Speaking of, Kutcher's sitcom goes on hiatus in May, so that's when Jobs will go into production.

Kutcher already has another project involving a revolutionary entrepreneur scheduled for after his work on Jobs: lest we forget, he'll be playing merry prankster to Virgin's Richard Branson on the first commercial flight into space. Seems the star of The Butterfly Effect has formed quite the proclivity for ingenius businessmen who mercilessly choke out their competition like Kutcher choked himself to death with his own umbilical cord...

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