Taylor Lautner Will Also Be in 'Grown Ups 2'

April 5, 2012


Adam Sandler is finding some new friends in Grown Ups 2's piss-filled casting pool. Last week, Project X's Oliver Cooper joined the comedy as "a frat boy-type," and yesterday Abduction leading man Taylor Lautner entered negotiations for a "fun" role. As if there are any other kind of roles in the beloved Growns Ups franchise!

While it would make sense for Lautner to play a now-grown version of one of the children--enticingly allowing the title to make sense as Grown Ups Too ("Too" written in crayon), broadening the film's appeal tenfold--The Hollywood Reporter's sources claim Situp Werewolf will in fact have his hot breath huffing against Jack & Jill's face(s), going "toe-to-toe with Sandler." Is it possible Lautner's inevitably-shirtless form entices Salma Hayek and threatens Sandler's marriage? Nahhh. If there's one thing Adam Sandler movies have taught me, it's that beautiful women love being married to a middle-aged man that perpetually looks like he's blearily staggering from his room to the dorm showers.

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