'Ted' Trailer: Teddy Ruxpin by Way of 'Family Guy' and Mark Wahlberg

April 2, 2012


Like pretty much every piece of media promising the voice of Seth MacFarlane--save for maybe out-of-character, Sinatra-style albums promising the voice of Seth MacFarlane--enjoyment of the MacFarlane-voiced and directed Ted is going to vary widely based on personal attitudes toward the Family Guy mentality. Do you like Peter Griffin's voice; dimwitted men talking to animated, bipedal, talking animals; and crude humor eager to get to the dick and fart jokes? You will probably like Ted! Otherwise, you probably will not. Either way, you should at least appreciate Mark Wahlberg's unexpected talent at convincingly talking to a space on the couch where computers will later add a talking CGI creature. Watch out, Jason Lee: it's starting to look like amateur hour out on the Chipwrecked cruise deck.

(Thanks: Jennie)

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