'Titanic' Has More Dimensions in South Korea

April 5, 2012


We thought the U.S. had it good with a three-dimensional Titanic with scientifically-accurate starfields, but as it turns out, South Korea is experiencing romance, non-diegetic Celine Dion, and sinking boats just a little more realistically than us. THEY'RE EXPERIENCING IT IN 4DX.

Like with China's experiments in adding a new, palpable dimension to their mainstream pornography, South Korea's exciting new "D" lies in the motion: theaters outfitted with 4DX technology feature moving seats capable of leaning around in accordance with the events on screen. When the Titanic ways, YOU sway. Because nothing puts you in the movie like jarring, drastic jolts and the straw from your Diet Coke jamming into your gums. That's called immersion, 4D-style.

But as you may have noticed, South Korea has more than 4D: They have 4DX. And the "X" apparently stands for "short bursts of sharp air" and "face water," because the "X" was not translated all that well. The gist of it is clear, though. When you're watching Titanic--or John Carter, The Hunger Games, or The Avengers, which will also be shown in 4DX--sometimes some air or water will get shot in your face, for realism's sake. Jack and Rose had liquid sprayed in their faces--shouldn't you? Yes, you should. And that egalitarian face-spraying goes for pornography as well. Get on it, China.

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