Vince Vaughn Opening New Set of 'Rockford Files', Because We Need That Remade

April 17, 2012


Having rehabilitated himself since the villainy of Starsky & Hutch, Vince Vaughn is ready to at last do some dumb, '70s TV remake bullshit on the other side of the law.

Universal has decided it's time to stage a remake of The Rockford Files, because the similarly-Stephen J. Cannell-created 21 Jump Street did well enough, so why not? People might remember it! Also, Universal has decided that the man to play Jim Rockford is Vince Vaughn, because Vince Vaughn is apparently this generation's James Garner. To see the resemblance, imagine a poorly-maintained, over-inflated Macy's Thankgiving Day balloon based on TV's Maverick. See? That's close enough to Vince Vaughn.

The original Rockford Files ran on NBC throughout the latter half of the '70s, and starred Garner as a disheveled private investigator living in a mobile home in Malibu. Ocean's Thirteen writers David Levien and Brian Koppelman have been hired to write the script, but it's not yet clear what sort of tone they're going for. Hopefully something where Vaughn is tall so he hits his head in his trailer and it's funny, because Universal needs that for the trailer.

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