'Zomboobies' Teaser: There Are Demons in Her Boobs

April 12, 2012


Like the breasts above, the zombie "what if" scenarios of Opai-Zuki-Zombie (aka Zomboobies) are weighty and twofold. Firstly, the film asks, "What if, instead of craving brains, zombies crave breasts (boobies)?" Secondly, it asks, "What if we attempt to take the deviant, campy Japanese low-budget horror genre out of Japan?": though Zomboobies is a Japanese-language film, it will not be eligible for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, as first-time Brazilian director Francois Fujimoto shot the film in Los Angeles. This latter fact seems to have denied the film some of the weirdness one might expect going into a Japanese-language film called Zomboobies, but it does have its unique charms. It's not every day you see a woman push bricks against her breasts (boobies) to the sounds of a cash register's ring. Think about it.

Horror purists furious to see zombies subsisting on a diet of mammary glands and unchecked lust will be pleased to know that the "zom" part of the title is a bit of a misnomer. According to DreadCentral, the so-called "zombies" are actually mutant doctors, the results of a haywire experiment meant to create the perfect breasts. "Man must never play God when it comes to boobies," is probably the moral Fujimoto would lay out if he wasn't instead using his Twitter to explain, "The more whiskey I drinks the better the edit of my movie is!!! And is great when not sober too!!!!" I'm not sure how the inner-breast demons come into play.

The director promises a longer preview within the next month, adding, "The Teaser is just barely a nipple slip!" There is so much more metaphorical tit flesh to come.


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