'A Cat in Paris' Trailer: Spielberg Can Finally See What Beat 'Tintin' for an Oscar Nod

May 15, 2012


Opening June 1 in select locations, A Cat in Paris is one of the two GKIDS-distributed foreign films to have won a Best Animated Feature nomination over Tintin--partially because the Academy's old guy voters are confused and fearful of whatever soul-stealing technology Tintin employed, but also because A Cat in Paris is supposed to be a beautifully-crafted fun little film.

The plot involves a cat who by day lives with a police inspector investigating the murder of her husband, by night assists a home-robbing cat burglar, giving us a glimpse of both sides of the law, and another example of how cats are allegiance-less assholes who cannot be trusted. Here's the trailer for the film. You will especially like it if you appreciate the art style "something I imagine being in Starbucks."

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