Another 'Dukes of Hazzard' Movie Happening, Or Maybe Not at All

May 3, 2012


Eastbound & Down co-creator Jody Hill is reportedly working on a Sam Peckinpah-like action film based around an outlaw duo in the 1970s South. Also, if there is any way at all it would make sense for the outlaw duo to drive a bright orange Dodge Charger over a really cool jump, Warner Bros. would very much like to retrofit this thing into a second Dukes of Hazzard redux.

Hill isn't yet finished with his script, but already Warner it said to be looking at ways to twist his vision into their desire for a franchise with a recognizable name. Billy Gerber has been hurriedly set up to co-produce--he being the one who shepherded 2005's Dukes of Hazzard movie into the dismally-received time capsule of Jessica Simpson's body it would become--and he cannot wait to try to squeeze a pair of cut-offs over this thing.

However, The Hollywood Reporter's sources caution no final decision will be made until after Hill has completed his draft, which is probably a good idea on the studio's part. It seems pretty evident that Hill is the darker personality of the Eastbound & Down creative team--a fact that became most apparent when, separated from frequent collaborators Ben Best and Danny McBride, he wrote and directed Observe and Report, which was not at all the fun, profitable Paul Blart-esque comedy Warner Bros. presumably hoped it would be. Best not to just assume from the outset that Hill will come back with something that can be sold under the recognizable Dukes of Hazzard brand name. At least wait until you figure out if he's written in a manageable amount of sociopathy and date rape.

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