'Avengers' Made a Lot of Money Again, Johnny Depp's Dracula Not So Much

May 14, 2012


Your weekend box office:

1. The Avengers - $103.2 million, breaking the second weekend record, pushing the film over the billion-dollar mark worldwide, and easily topping the opening Dark Shadows. And so, for now, massive superhero action franchises remain slightly more popular than campy remakes of '70s gothic soap operas.

2. Dark Shadows - $28.8 million. Perhaps the marketing was not clear enough in indicating, "Hey, look Tim Burton put some pancake makeup on Johnny Depp again"?

3. Think Like a Man - $6.3 million, still hanging on near the top thanks to Steve Harvey's aggressive viral campaign of hiding clues to manly thoughts in Family Feud results.

4. The Hunger Games - $4.4 million, no doubt bolstered by the news there's going to be this half-assed parody.

5. The Lucky One - $4 million. (Note: if you weren't aware, the truest "lucky one" is you, the audience member, who watched The Lucky One, currently in theaters nationwide.)

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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