'Bait 3D' Trailer Drops a Shark in a Grocery Store

May 16, 2012


"You have that knot in your gut... that feeling in the air... that voice in your head... Don't ignore it. Sometimes... it's the only warning you'll get." Such is the cautionary advice of the muttering narrator in this trailer. But he's not talking about just any threat, you guys. He's telling you to trust your instincts for a reason: what if you go to the supermarket, the entire store gets held up by masked men, then, unrelated to that, a surprise tsunami floods the place with sea water, trapping you with a 12-foot great white shark, because a 12-foot great white shark also just showed up. What if that ridiculously escalating, extremely specific scenario happens, in 3D? That would be Bait 3D, of course:

At least Anna Faris had the good sense to trust the voice in her head and not agree to be this movie's Anna Faris part.

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