'Blade Runner' Writer Returning To Write Sequel No One Is Sure They Want

May 18, 2012


Alcon Entertainment's belated Blade Runner franchise initiative is still easy enough to question--as easy as snidely reminding everyone that Alcon had a hand in Dude, Where's My Car?, Racing Stripes, the Wicker Man remake, P.S. I Love You, One Missed Call, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and Eddie Murphy's live-action/CGI Hong Kong Phooey!--but it's getting harder and harder to completely disregard the project. First the company brought on original director Ridley Scott--whose work on Alien sort-of-prequel Prometheus has shown a clear aptitude for returning to both his sci-fi past and unnerving close-ups of eyeballs--and now original Blade Runner co-writer and Scott's fellow septuagenarian Hampton Fancher is in talks to write the screenplay.

And with that news, all doubts about this project just wash away, like tears... in rain. No, just kidding. There are still doubts to have. And as far as Fancher's signing on goes, the biggest of those doubts is probably whether or not he's even the one who wrote the elements that made Blade Runner endure, and worthy of half-assedly quoting in blog posts. As previously noted, Fancher only co-wrote the film, and followed it up with only The Might Quinn and the largely-forgotten Owen Wilson-as-a-serial-killer vehicle, The Minus Man. Fellow co-writer David Peoples, meanwhile, wrote Unforgiven and the dystopian cult favorite Twelve Monkeys, so there's reason to think he might actually be the better team member to make our first pick.

Still, at least this shows Alcon is giving it a real go with this sequel (Alcon's statement also confirmed Ridley Scott's claim this would be a Harrison Ford-free sequel). If they can promise me a haunting, ethereal Vangelis soundtrack and at least one sexy saxophone solo, then maybe it will be about time to give this a chance, and finally stop reminding everyone these guys are trying to put Eddie Murphy in a movie about a CGI dog that does kung-fu.

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