Casting Things: 'Iron Man' Gets Cyborg, 'Suspiria' Remake Gets a Lead, Jessica Biel Starring with Probably a Talking Dog

May 16, 2012


- Isabelle Furhman, who played Clove in Hunger Games and Orphan's orphan, has landed the lead in the Suspiria remake David Gordon Green has long demanded to make. Dario Argento's 1977 horror focused on a dancer who discovers her new academy is secretly a coven of witches, but looking at Green's recent filmography, there's a very good Furhman's character will just encounter a wacky drug plot and actors indebted to Judd Apatow.

- James Badge Dale has joined Iron Man 3 as Eric Savin, a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who, in the comics, becomes a cyborg commando known as Coldblood. FINALLY Coldblood gets his chance in the spotlight, his chance to be the character who is named Coldblood that we all know and love.

- Jessica Biel is in talks to play one of the leads in the romantic comedy My Owner's Wedding. The film concerns two women fighting to marry a man, and its title stems from the fact that there will apparently be a dog injecting itself into matters. Someone is at last correcting the mistake of not giving Marmaduke a love triangle.

- Matthew Saville is attached to direct Felony, with a script and lead performance coming from Joel Edgerton. The Warrior star will play a decorated officer who has a few, runs a cyclist off the road and lies about it, "changing all their lives forever." If for some reason that means the bicyclist starts getting seriously into parkour, I know just the guy.

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