Channing Tatum Will Save the White House; Also, He's a Single Dad

May 15, 2012


It seems Channing Tatum shall be our Murphy Brown of Die Hard scenarios, nobly highlighting the tiring strain of both single parenthood and fighting a bunch of terrorists while largely unclothed from the waist up.

Tatum is in talks to star in White House Down, director Roland Emmerich previously-reported action-thriller that deals with the Die Hard-like scenario of a single man against a group of terrorists that have taken over a building. As the film's title heavily implies, said taken-over building is the White House, thus placing the U.S. executive branch in peril similar to Air Force One, but on the ground this time, which is kind of less exciting. Tatum would play a Secret Service agent who, like John McClane, must take on the terrorists alone and probably also strip down to a tank top as quickly as possible. Tatum's character also "happens to be a single dad," because that indeed happens sometimes. That's why we have Full House and I Am Sam.

Just to be clear, this is a different film than Olympus Has Fallen, the action-thriller wherein Gerard Butler will save the White House. That fim is slightly different because Butler plays a FORMER Secret Service guy who also just happens to be at the White House the day Die Hard is occurring. Once you've become famous for your abs and starred in a lachrymose romance about brain trauma, apparently all roads lead to White House rescue?

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