'Children of Men' Director's Sandra Bullock-Starring 'Gravity' Delayed Until 2013

May 15, 2012


Alfonso Cuarón's eagerly-anticipated sci-fi follow-up to the amazing Children of Men has been delayed until next year, because we have frankly done nothing to deserve it this year. Try harder, everyone.

The delay is just another in a long line of prolonged troubles faced by the film: originally set up at Universal as a vehicle for Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr., Gravity was then moved to Warner Bros., where Downey was replaced by Clooney and Jolie's role as a stranded astronaut was reportedly auditioned for and/or offered to several actresses before finally going to Sandra Bullock. Reaction to early screenings of the film has been decidedly polarized, but the rumored 20-minute-long single take and memories of all those Children of Men are enough to keep me optimistic.

While the film was originally scheduled for a November release, Warner's official statement on the new release date is a vague "unscheduled 2013," so Prometheus had better deliver. There's no telling how long we'll have to ration out those heavy, contemplative science fiction themes.

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